not to mention the politics..

September 28,

I’m very touched by your text, Maritha.
I suffer from fatigue and an energy- change.
I find it hard to feel lust.
I wonder about what the cause is; is it the weather, autumn coming, or ageing.
Last summer I had me some pills, to cheer me up.
But they didn’t work. I just got tensed and more estranged.
So I stopped. I realised that there were nothing to do! The fact that my father is 91 and suffers from memory loss takes its toll on me.
Thoughts of dying.
No wonder it feels rather depressing. It’s that time for me.
I fly low but I see a lot of beauty and I know that some things are worth doing, like blogging.
As they say – these things will also pass-.

Allt passerar.
and the pic. is just right!

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To worry and be scared can eat you up in a mental sense. Poisoning your every minute with a cold hollow sadness eating your every hope and joy. You miss out on today by worrying about the days to come and you long for a normality that never will arrive because normal and a solidity comes from within. Accepting that not knowing what life will bring is a burden everyone have to tamper with. To some of us the battle is one constant ongoing struggle. To find hope and secureness is hard and meaningless threaten to drown you in a labyrinth of constant wander. Sad? Yes! The solution is I guess to have faith, that tomorrow will be a better day or that things will change but most of all keeping the faith in yourself, that you are the unique star of your own life, and that you will survive…

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Hej! Min avsikt med den här bloggen är att publicera material som blivit liggande på hårddiskar och i lådor. (se även about) I den mån inspiration infinner sig kan det bli nya inlägg också. Publiceringen blir inte regelbunden utan i den takt som arbetsprocessen kräver. Välkomna att ta del! ToreZ
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